Saturday, December 17, 2011

Secret Recipe, Oh Serenitea...

Phew! Hello again. I have a few blog posts to uploaded, as long as I get to them.. but the past week have been so so busy! One of the best things happened a couple of days ago. A friend had agreed to share her booth with me at her office, Intercontinental Hotels Group located at RCBC Plaza for the benefit of saving the trees at La Mesa Eco Park. Being a nature lover myself, Oh how this would be the perfect opportunity to get a booth... with a cause! You can read Meki's blog about it here. Don't forget to follow her Messy Kitchen as well!

Anyhoo, back to the matter at hand. Our trip to Secret Recipe happened some days before the booth day. I know, I'm late! But heck, here it is anyways!

Hubby and I shared Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. For less than P300, it was enough for two! Actually, two and a half since the little one had a share. The soup was nice and beefy, best eaten while hot. While the meat balls were soft but had a nice bite to them, which we both liked. It was a bit peppery, but I'm sure there are many who like that.

Secret Recipe is memorable for me and my husband. We have loved their cakes for quite a long time now. Before this little one was even conceived. More than three years. He would purchase slices of their cheese cakes to share with me, and we would spend time there talking. Our most favorite cheese cake is their Chocolate Cheese (Pictured above). I think it is my most favorite cheese cake so far. Unfortunately, we weren't able to order a slice that day.

Here is my daughter, savoring her milk tea while waiting for soup to cool a bit.

Serenitea... Oh yum. We had a quick visit at Serenitea before we went to Secret Recipe. I missed this place so much. Most of our times are spent here, as Hubby and I absolutely love their milk teas. We had our time trying out other brands... but we both firmly agree that Serenitea is our favorite. Not to mention, the little one's as well. :P Hubby bought me my... third? copy of White Oleander. Its one of my favorite books. Ha! A day of Favorites. It was a nice day. :)

I love the new designs... perfect for the Yuletide Season!

Have you tried Serenitea yet? Mm... I'm actually craving for some right now.

You can find Secret Recipe via Facebook here.
Serenitea on Facebook here.


  1. I tried Serenitea last week, got their Winter Melon Frost and I love it.. :) The bf tried the taro lover but was disappointed. He had it at 100% sugar level but he found it bland. Anyway, what can you recommend us when we pay Serenitea another visit? :) I want to try their milk teas but they have a lot so it's hard to choose what to try first! >.<

  2. I like their Taro lover. Compared to other tea shops that I've tried, they have the best. And despite having ice, it doesn't lose its flavor. But it could be just my taste. XD

    Hubby and I love their Okinawa. Its sort of like Winter Melon. They have a promo until the 21st that if you buy a Large drink from one of their Top 10, you'll be getting an extra LARGE sized one. Haha!