Monday, July 23, 2012

A parting, lasting memory...

Hello, darlings. I know its been a long while. I have neglected this blog completely. It has been a journey of creating and re-creating myself. Last July 22nd, it was my birthday and it had been the first in three years that I was able to celebrate. It was memorable, sharing with family. It held such importance to myself as a growing individual as it was the day I knew what were important to me, and where I should go from there.

I started this blog out of love for food, and a means to learn and meet other people. In the end, it was within myself to learn, to grow and realize what I want to be, who I should be and what path to take in life.

I thank the Lord that I was given such wonderful people to lift me up, and tell me that they believe in me. It has been long that I have not prayed, out of pain and anger and in the short span of time that I've welcomed Him in my life again, He has showered me already with such wonderful blessings and simple memories.

 We ate dinner at Racks, it held memories as a child that I could hardly remember. It was simply something that I knew, my father used to bring us to Racks to eat. And now, we made new memories as it was my beau's first time there. 

And then we had sweet crepes, something that I knew I had to have during my birthday. I woke up, and I said to myself "I want crepes for my birthday" and sure enough, we had to make a way for it to happen so beau and I, and our little angel shared one.

And with that, I am here to tell you that I have moved from Dessert Darling, to somewhere I can call "home". My sister has agreed to share the journey with me. You will witness, not only my journey as a home baker, but also my older sister's growth as an artist. I thank everyone who has shared their thoughts and appreciation, their time to read my thoughts in these pages. I hope to see you all again in my new home.

In the few days after this memorable and great day, I have immersed myself already with work. Let me leave you with a few photos from the Bakery Menu for Sweet Mnemonic.

Let me invite you to Sweet Mnemonic. Although it yet to be established, I hope you will be there once it opens its doors to your eyes. You will be able to follow our updates from our new Facebook page, please help us by sharing as well!

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