Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Home-made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Chocolate chunks

If you knew me personally, you would have known that I have been raving about making my own ice cream for months. And as a special ocassion came that required a soft of gift from yours truly, I thought, why not just make Ice Cream so everyone would have their share? Well, honestly, I just made an excuse to finally get to make one! Haha!

I had made these babies without an ice cream maker. Can you believe it? Yes. Although they ended up not as creamy as I wanted them to, I believe it was because I wasn't able to break up the ice crystals before it became fully solid (meaning, solid enough to eat!). I had made it very late and I had work the following day. I only got to mix the batter a few times.

It was too late for me to take a picture, I had feared that everyone enjoyed it too much! But thank goodness, there was still some left for me to photograph. I was at work, but I've heard raves about it. My sister-in-law even enjoyed it, and my hubby's little cousins couldn't get enough!

My verdict? I was won over. I don't think I want to purchase any store-bought vanilla ice cream anymore. This was divine, despite my personal disappointments about its consistency. It was yum-oh!

You can see recipes about how to make your own ice cream here:

The thing about ice cream is that you can change it the way you want it! Just follow the basic ingredients, edit or add some, and viola! I did not get to follow the recipe EXACTLY, as I've wanted an eggless ice cream. But you can do that, as well.

I think everybody should just stop purchasing store bought ice cream and try home-made ones. I can't wait to make some more in the future, I think Pistachios are actually calling me to mingle them with the rich custardy heavenly frozen cream.

What is your favorite Ice cream flavor? Share! :)


  1. Aww. this is so sweet. I'd love some, please! :D

  2. Would love to try your home-made ice cream. This looks yummy! :) I want to try making my own ice cream though, but I'm just so lazy. Haha.. :)) Hopefully I can give it a shot in the future.

  3. @meki - no more ice cream to share though! XD

    @sumi - hi! it is kind of time consuming. but tasting your own ice cream is fulfilling in an inexplicable way. and it is preservative-free!