Friday, December 9, 2011

December 9, 2011

This day had been a very eventful, and equally stressful day. It was an epic day, otherwise, as I had made the first official Pasta orders under Dessert Darling. It was stressful as it began pouring rain, and it took us such a long time to have these delivered. They ended up wet with the rain (good thing we had covered them with plastic, always have to be extra sure that they are secured), and so were we.

The little one had helped, and not helped in a way. I think she had become so curious with everything I do... Most especially what I do in the kitchen. This means alot to me, as it makes me think she would be someone like me in the future. As long as she ends up pursuing her dreams, I have nothing against it. I wish that to be so well because, her mother is a disappointment. :P

The trip to the destination (Ortigas) was a long and tiring one. We ended up having to look for a taxi for an hour, and another hour inside it. It was a disaster.

In the end, I was not able to arrive in time for the Dinner set as a prize for the hard work me and my team has done doing something for a client. I don't really have the right words to say, and there is no use crying over spilled milk. Looks like I have ended up not being compensated for it... due to the unfortunate circumstances.

Wham Burgers are my most favorite burgers in the world. It is fully of yummyness I can't even find the right words for it. Haha! I give up my usual pasta cravings in a snap whenever Wham is mentioned. Wham, Oh I love you. And my little one absolutely loves your meaty (without the meat of course) fries.

The hubby did some damage control and had to treat us to Wham! Burgers. It lifted up my spirits a bit. To be honest, Wham! is my favorite burger joint. They have yummy burgers that are worth every penny you give them. You should try it... And you should try my spaghetti as well. :P


  1. Grabe sis! Yesterday was a really super traffic and very tiring day. Travel time going to Ortigas and Makati was doubled, even tripled. The traffic was just unimaginable, an the MRT was left really congested as well.

    Btw, your spaghetti looks yummy! Will try to pay Wham! a visit soon too. I haven't grabbed one of their burgers for the longest time.

  2. It looks like people are doing their christmas duties already. The unfortunate effects of the holidays. lol. XD

    You should! I prefer them over Brother's Burger. (I hope nobody from BB gets to read this comment LOL)

  3. Nice! I love that you had spaghetti and burgers in a day! :)

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  4. Thank you! You should do it at least a dozen times in your life! LOL.

    I'm not particularly good with giveaways, but I have followed your blog! Kind of inspiring since, now that I've thought about it... I'm close to being 25! Geez!

  5. Hi Winter,
    You have a nice blog here. :)
    I was wondering where you bought your ice cream maker. With two kids in the house I think I would be saving a lot of money in the future if we make our own too.

    How to Deal with Picky Eaters

  6. Hello Paula!
    The ice cream was made without a use of an ice cream maker. But we have a few ice cream makers out in the market, like from Cuisinart. Or you could search the net. :)