Friday, December 16, 2011

BC Bloggers, Uniting Busy Bloggers!

As you may have probably noticed, I'm a busy person! Or not. Well, yes, most of the time I am! Juggling daily life, being a wife and mother of one adorable and very hyper-active daughter (or so I think) is a handful.. If you add a job, time for blogging and some side line activities... Oh wow, how do you even have time for yourself!

As much as  you think gaining followers is easy, its not. We aren't the only busy people out there! And I'm pretty sure we all can't pay to advertise our blogs.

So when I found BC Bloggers and read up on it.. I was interested. A blog group for busy bloggers? Why not? Uniting us, helping us make things easier. Looking for people who have the same interest that you have? They'll provide it for you. Hell yes, I am joining this group. And I think you should too! Well, unless you don't have a blog... but you can always start one, right? :P

If you aren't piqued yet, just visit Mommy Diary. I bet you'll end up registering as well.

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